Addison left her shoes behind on 4-30-10 to walk bare foot with Jesus on the streets of gold

Addison left her shoes behind on 4-30-10 to walk bare foot with Jesus on the streets of gold

Saturday, September 25, 2010

~5 Months~

Five months ago today, my sweet, precious baby girl was born. It's so hard to just seems like last week. I feel like she should still be here..sometimes I just want to go see her at the hospital in hopes to bring her home soon..but I know that won't happen. Seems like a bad dream that I will be waking up from soon...but it's not a dream. It's real. She is gone. She won't return...but we will go to her. The past 5 months have been filled with lots of hurt,pain,sadness,loneliness (without her)and much grieving that we have had to deal with daily as it comes in waves and is different every time. The past 5 months have also been filled with lots of joy,excitement and blessings. It's been a roller coaster no doubt. We still miss Addison greatly, and we always will, but knowing that we will see her again gives me such great comfort. I know where she is, and I know the ONE who has her in HIS arms. I'm blessed to know that. The Lord continues to be faithful, and continues to show Himself worthy to be trusted. He is all I have to trust in, and that encourages me, and also greatly scares me. It scares me because putting my full trust in Him at all times is not easy to do...and not knowing what He might want me to do is scary.. Not knowing what He might have us endure next is frightening..but you know what? I know HE WILL be with us NO MATTER WHAT! That's comforting. I was reading through Job..and I feel so encouraged and overwhelmed by his story. The Lord was with him through all of that pain and heartache..and the same GOD that was with Job is with me. I am thankful to know that even in our darkest hour,day,weeks months or years..that HE alone will be faithful to walk along side us. I could write so much more, because my heart is very heavy, but I also know that it could take days to say what's on my heart. (Y'all don't want to read much more..and I don't want to type much more) So...with that...I will say, thank-you for your continued prayers and support. We love you, and appreciate so much your interest and care for us. I don't know what the future holds for us, but I do know who holds the future..and because of that I can rejoice in what He's going to do. Please continue to pray for us, and know that we will be hurting for a long time..but through your prayers and ultimately the Lord's help..we will get through this darkest time of our lives. We will see Addison again someday, and I can't wait for that day. For now..I am trusting in the God who is faithful...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

~Memories of our Addison~

I'm so glad that we have the memories and pictures we have of our sweet Addison. It helps me to see some of her things to remind me of the short time we had with her, and how much we treasured every moment. She was our precious baby girl..and we miss her so much. I can't wait to see her again. I'm so thankful that we have the hope that we have. I wanted to share some of our memories of her that are really special to us...

Two of my favorite pairs of Addison's shoes

Her Jesus Loves Me blankie

Her cute little hand & foot mold

A mold of Addison's tiny little foot

A mold of Addison's tiny little hand

Addison's frame (sorry about the reflection of the bed in the picture)It hangs above her shelf of stuffed animals and books... It's precious.